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The Global Online MBA is one of its kind in the European market. It is designed so you can continue working full-time while gaining the knowledge and competencies to support your personal and professional development. The program has a unique and innovative curriculum structure that groups together courses to give you complementary - but distinct - perspectives on key business issues. For example, the three courses in Module 1 will help you make wiser decisions under uncertainty. You will learn how to apply quantitative techniques to decision making, how to address organizational issues that can prevent effective decision making, and how to evaluate the implications of managerial decision making. The combination of an integrated approach with online-first design enables us to plan every moment of your learning journey. The result is that over the course of the Global Online MBA program you will learn everything that a modern decision-maker needs to be a successful leader.

Duration is 24 - 60 months (flexible).Before submitting your application for the Global Online MBA, you must meet all of the following admission requirements: Three years of postgraduate professional experience. An undergraduate degree (with accompanying grade overview) in any discipline Scores from either the GMAT, GRE or ESMT’s admission test are optional but encouraged from students with a non-quantitative or non-business background, and may be requested by the Admissions Committee. ESMT’s GMAT code is H4D-SJ-99 or simply search for ESMT by name. Our Designated Institution (DI) code for the GRE is 7768.

  • Magistr / Magistratura
  • Credit: 120
  • Tam zamanlı
  • Başlama tarixi: 05-09-2022
  • Bitmə tarixi: 30-08-2024
  • Ümumi son müraciət tarixi: 30-08-2022
  • Beynəlxalq son müraciət tarixi: 20-08-2022

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  • IELTS: 7
  • TOEFL: 95
  • GPA: 3


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