Monmouth, Oregon


Humanities & Culture / Sustainable Development

Bachelor of Arts

Have you always been someone who prioritizes resource conservation and sustainable practices? You can apply this passion to all kinds of careers when you choose WOU’s new Sustainability major. You’ll combine extensive geography courses with classes in biology, communications, political science and even business to gain a systems-level understanding of sustainable development and solutions that support it.

Some geographical limitations for recruitment might be applied. Please contact Unibroad Team for further information.

  • Undergraduate / Bachelor's Degree
  • Credit: 180
  • Full-time
  • Start date: 26-09-2022
  • End date: 19-06-2026
  • Gen. Deadline: 27-06-2022
  • Int. Deadline: 15-06-2022

Admission requirements

  • IELTS: 5
  • TOEFL: 61
  • GPA: 2.75

Western Oregon University

Per year Price: 27900 USD
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